The Art of Over the Garden Wall Limited Edition

The Art of Over the Garden Wall Limited Edition Author Patrick McHale
ISBN-10 1506705227
ISBN-13 9781506705224
Year 2017-09-26
Pages 184
Language English
Publisher Dark Horse Books
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Explore the Unknown This deluxe hardcover inspired by the Tome of the Unknown is your map to the magical behind the scenes world of Cartoon Network s Emmy winning animated series Over the Garden Wall and it looks like it came out of the show itself The embossed cover design contains hidden references and the appliqu is one of the first pieces of art that inspired the look of the show From the original Tome of the Unknown Harvest Melody pilot through each of the episodes and beyond take a strange and wonderful journey with Wirt Greg and Beatrice Learn how the award winning backgrounds were created see animation storyboards and even take a behind the scenes look at the production of the Mondo vinyl soundtrack and For Sara mix tape as well as the ongoing Boom Studios comics This volume contains hundreds of pieces of concept art and sketches and a comprehensive look at the show s breathtaking production art Sean Edgar guides the tour which includes commentary from creators Patrick McHale and Nick Cross interviews with the cast and crew and more I m so happy Sean and Dark Horse got this book to happen It s been really interesting going through all my old sketchbooks notes and file folders in search of lost bits and pieces from the show s development said Patrick McHale This handsome volume will contain a nice mixture of beautiful drawings and paintings from the series amusing anecdotes about the process unseen and unused artwork that didn t make the final cut other mysterious odds and ends and a whole lot of horrible ugly early development sketches that should inspire people to say Hey I could do better than that

Renegade (Holding Their Own) (Volume 13)

Renegade (Holding Their Own) (Volume 13) Author Joe Nobody
ISBN-10 1939473519
ISBN-13 9781939473516
Year 2017-01-22
Pages 290
Language English
Publisher Prepper Press
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Diana is running for reelection and soon discovers that there are no rules in post apocalyptic politics The citizens of the Alliance become deeply embroiled by the bitter contest a ruthless challenger seeking to divide and conquer the people of the Lone Star Nation While the brutal campaign is waged Bishop becomes immersed in fighting a mysterious crime wave that is sweeping across the territory His efforts soon uncover treachery that when exposed pushes the Alliance to the brink of civil war

The Berenstain Bears’ Dollars and Sense

The Berenstain Bears' Dollars and Sense Author Stan Berenstain
ISBN-10 0375811249
ISBN-13 9780375811241
Year 2001-01-23
Pages 32
Language English
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
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This classic Berenstain Bears story is a perfect way to teach children about money and responsibility Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book from Stan and Jan Berenstain Papa thinks its time to teach Brother and Sister how to budget their money but will the cubs come to understand the value of a dollar or will their pockets continue to be empty Includes over 50 bonus stickers

Boundaries After a Pathological Relationship

Boundaries After a Pathological Relationship Author Adelyn Birch
ISBN-10 1523368829
ISBN-13 9781523368822
Year 2016-01-12
Pages 66
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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This book is small but mighty If you were involved in a pathological relationship or you want to prevent it from happening in the first place this book is for you It gets to the heart of the matter of personal boundaries Identifying and setting clear boundaries is vital for survivors and for anyone who wants to become more confident improve relationships and prevent victimization When you create boundaries you take a stand for yourself and your life and you communicate your worth to others in a real and practical way This concise and powerful book is filled with practical wisdom and useful tips It will walk you through the process of creating boundaries from start to finish You get to decide how you want to live Find your courage Live in an authentic way Protect yourself and what s important to you Gain self respect and the respect of others Boundaries will help you do all of these things The BEST Manual on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim again I know the subject too well I am going to recommend it to the facilitators in the divorce support group I am attending This small book was full of tons of useful information I don t usually write in my books but my copy of Boundaries has underlining on almost every page I was really glad I bought it Excellent Book for Individual Group or Use in Therapy A very well written book by an author who has a firm grip on abusers and their cunning ways Excellent description on what boundaries are why they are needed and what they can do for the holder of the newly created list of personal boundaries This book if studied and put into practice could protect many from the narcissists sociopaths and psychopaths in all areas of one s life It would lend exceptional protection in the area of dating It would protect a person from repeating the selection of another abuser if a past relationship was abusive Highly recommend Super Helpful Make And Keep Your Boundaries This is a really well written book I found her tips for discovering recording and keeping your personal boundaries extremely helpful My eyes have seen the light How I wish I would have read this book years ago Worth your time Well written clear and concise So thankful I came across this quick but powerful read Having separated myself from an 8 year long destructive marriage and reading many many books on the topic I so appreciate the wisdom I found in this writing I feel empowered once more Easily rated at 5 stars

War in European History

War in European History Author Michael Howard
ISBN-10 0199546193
ISBN-13 9780199546190
Year 2009-04-15
Pages 192
Language English
Publisher Oxford University Press
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First published over thirty years ago War in European History is a brilliantly written survey of the changing ways that war has been waged in Europe from the Norse invasions to the present day Far more than a simple military history the book serves as a succinct and enlightening overview of the development of European society as a whole over the last millennium From the Norsemen and the world of the medieval knights through to the industrialized mass warfare of the twentieth century Michael Howard illuminates the way in which warfare has shaped the history of the Continent its effect on social and political institutions and the ways in which technological and social change have in turn shaped the way in which wars are fought This new edition includes a fully updated further reading and a new final chapter bringing the story into the twenty first century including the invasion of Iraq and the so called War against Terror

Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School

Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School Author Gregg D. Jacobs
ISBN-10 0805089586
ISBN-13 9780805089585
Year 2009-09-15
Pages 256
Language English
Publisher Holt Paperbacks
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The bestselling guide to curing insomnia without drugs by a pioneer of the field now updated with the latest research The Wall Street Journal For the past ten years sleep deprived Americans have found natural drug free relief from insomnia with the help of Dr Gregg D Jacobs s Say Good Night to Insomnia Jacobs s program developed and tested at Harvard Medical School and based on cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to improve sleep long term in 80 percent of patients making it the gold standard for treatment He provides techniques for eliminating sleeping pills establishing sleep promoting behaviors and lifestyle practices and improving relaxation reducing stress and changing negative thoughts about sleep In this updated edition Jacobs surveys the limitations and dangers of the new generation of sleeping pills dispels misleading and confusing claims about sleep and health and shares cutting edge research on insomnia that proves his approach is more effective than sleeping pills Say Good Night to Insomnia is the definitive guide to overcoming insomnia without drugs for the thousands of Americans who are looking for a healthy night s rest

Starting a Business All-In-One For Dummies

Starting a Business All-In-One For Dummies Author Consumer Dummies
ISBN-10 1119049105
ISBN-13 9781119049104
Year 2015-04-27
Pages 600
Language English
Publisher For Dummies
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All the practical advice you need for starting a business Starting a business Don t sweat it Reflecting today s unique opportunities and challenges Starting a Business All In One For Dummies is packed with everything you need to manage your personal and business risks and successfully navigate your first year in business Written in plain English and packed with simple step by step instructions it shows you how to start up your dream business from scratch write a winning business plan secure financing manage your risks successfully navigate your first year of operation and much more The information inside is amassed from 11 bestselling For Dummies books covering everything from franchising and home based businesses to bookkeeping accounting branding and marketing If you re a go getter looking for a way to launch a great idea and be your own boss Starting a Business All In One For Dummies prepares you to beat the odds and become successful in your sector Covers proven strategies on successfully branding and marketing your business Includes step by step guidance on keeping on top of the books Provides coverage of employee engagement and motivating employees Offers helpful hints for overcoming obstacles in starting a business Whether you re an aspiring entrepreneur or an expert looking to innovate Starting a Business All In One For Dummies is the only reference you ll need to start a business from the ground up

Who’s Pulling Your Strings?: How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life (NTC Self-Help)

Who's Pulling Your Strings?: How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life (NTC Self-Help) Author Harriet Braiker
ISBN-10 0071446729
ISBN-13 9780071446723
Year 2004-10-03
Pages 276
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
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A powerful program to stop manipulators in their tracks In Who s Pulling Your Strings Dr Harriet B Braiker New York Times bestselling author of The Disease to Please explains how depression low self esteem anger and feelings of helplessness can be caused by relationships with manipulative people She exposes the most common methods of manipulators and with the help of selfassessment quizzes action plans and how to exercises she helps you recognize and end the manipulative cycle for good

Botanicum: Welcome to the Museum

Botanicum: Welcome to the Museum Author Kathy Willis
ISBN-10 0763689238
ISBN-13 9780763689230
Year 2017-03-14
Pages 112
Language English
Publisher Big Picture Press
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Discover more than 160 exhibits in this virtual museum open all hours The 2017 offering from Big Picture Press s Welcome to the Museum series Botanicum is a brilliantly curated guide to plant life With artwork from Katie Scott of Animalium fame Botanicum gives readers the experience of a fascinating exhibition from the pages of a beautiful book From perennials to bulbs to tropical exotica Botanicum is a wonderful feast of botanical knowledge complete with superb cross sections of how plants work

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 Anniversary Update Author Paul McFedries
ISBN-10 1119311187
ISBN-13 9781119311188
Year 2016-08-22
Pages 352
Language English
Publisher Visual
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The ultimate visual learner s guide to Windows 10 Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the quick and easy way to get up and running with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Update From setting up to shutting down and everything in between this book guides you through everything you need to know to start working with Windows 10 Learn how to customize Widows 10 pin an app to the Start menu work with files and digital media customize the interface optimize performance set up email go online and so much more Two page spreads detailed instruction and expert content walk you through more than 150 Windows tasks Coverage includes the Windows 10 release along with the newest features of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update This is your visual guide to learning what you can do with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update Find your way around Windows 10 with full color screen shots Install programs set up user accounts play music and videos and more Learn basic maintenance that keeps your system running smoothly Set up password protection and troubleshoot basic issues quickly