Dynasty Author Tom Holland
ISBN-10 9780385537902
Year 2015-10-20
Pages 512
Language en
Publisher Anchor

Author and historian Tom Holland returns to his roots in Roman history and the audience he cultivated with Rubicon—his masterful, witty, brilliantly researched popular history of the fall of the Roman republic—with Dynasty, a luridly fascinating history of the reign of the first five Roman emperors. Dynasty continues Rubicon's story, opening where that book ended: with the murder of Julius Caesar. This is the period of the first and perhaps greatest Roman Emperors and it's a colorful story of rule and ruination, running from the rise of Augustus through to the death of Nero. Holland's expansive history also has distinct shades of I Claudius, with five wonderfully vivid (and in three cases, thoroughly depraved) Emperors—Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero—featured, along with numerous fascinating secondary characters. Intrigue, murder, naked ambition and treachery, greed, gluttony, lust, incest, pageantry, decadence—the tale of these five Caesars continues to cast a mesmerizing spell across the millennia.

Death and Dynasty in Early Imperial Rome

Death and Dynasty in Early Imperial Rome Author J. Bert Lott
ISBN-10 9780521860444
Year 2012-08-30
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

The founding of the Roman Principate was a time of great turmoil. This book brings together a set of important Latin inscriptions, including the recently discovered documents concerning the death of Germanicus and trial of Cn. Piso, in order to illustrate the developing sense of dynasty that underpinned the new monarchy of Augustus. Each inscription is supplied with its original text, a new English translation, and a full introduction and historical commentary that will be useful to students and scholars alike. The book also provides important technical help in understanding the production and interpretation of documents and inscriptions, thereby making it an excellent starting point for introducing students to Roman epigraphy.


Nero Author Miriam T. Griffin
ISBN-10 9781134610433
Year 2002-09-11
Pages 332
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Nero's personality and crimes have always intrigued historians and writers of fiction. However, his reign also illuminates the nature of the Julio-Claudian Principate. Nero's suicide brought to an end the dynasty Augustus had founded, and placed in jeopardy the political system he had devised. Miriam T. Griffin's authoratitive survey of Nero's reign incorporates both a chronological account, as well as an analysis of the reasons for Nero's collapse under the pressure of his role as emperor.

The Dynasty of Raghu

The Dynasty of Raghu Author Kālidāsa
ISBN-10 UOM:39015025042477
Year 1972
Pages 229
Language en
Publisher Calcutta : Writers Workshop

Extended narrative poem on the life and activities of Raghu, Hindu mythological king of the Solar dynasty and his successors.

The Dynasty

The Dynasty Author Jad Adams
ISBN-10 1575000563
Year 1997
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher TV Books Incorporated

"Based on diaries, letters, contemporary journalistic accounts, new research and exclusive interviews with politicians, business leaders, family members and colleagues of the Nehrus and Gandhis, The Dynasty traces the rise of the family from 1857 through India's independence in 1948, and on through the ill-fated reigns of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi." "The unique access of authors Jad Adams and Phillip Whitehead to the personal accounts of Indian, British and other foreign observers provides a new and intimate perspective on the passions and rivalries of Eastern royalty, and an exhaustive tour of fifty years of war, imprisonment and terrorism, tragedy and triumph."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

End of a Dynasty

End of a Dynasty Author Andrew Maloney
ISBN-10 9781412022101
Year 2004
Pages 261
Language en
Publisher Trafford Publishing

After winning three consecutive World Series championships, myriad problems befall the Buffalo Pioneers, starting with a dying owner, a crumbling stadium and a superstar the club can no longer afford. Tensions in the front-office and egos in the clubhouse spill over onto the field, depriving the Pioneers of the chemistry that brought them glory. As the team is ripped apart by free-agency, drug controversies and personal rivalry, old-school manager Jack Vaughn does his best to keep the ship together only to be overcome by the economics of baseball and the immense problems of his own personal life. As Jack's relationship with general manager Trent Blair disintegrates beyond repair and he finds himself in the twilight of his own storied career, he is forced to come to the realization that "nothing lasts forever". Is baseball doomed in Buffalo? Can the Pioneers ever hope to replicate the glory of their halcyon years? End of a Dynasty shows the alienation that can occur in professional baseball between the players and its devoted fans, as greed and egoism threaten to ruin the majestic innocence the game provides for those who love it.

Birth of a Dynasty

Birth of a Dynasty Author Alan Hahn
ISBN-10 1582613338
Year 2004-01
Pages 165
Language en
Publisher Sports Publishing LLC

The National Hockey League saw the birth of a new dynasty in 1980. The New York Islanders had been an expansion franchise in 1972 in the New York City suburbs of Long Island. For years they played in the long shadow of the big-city New York Rangers and were considered the league's laughingstock during their first season. Miraculously, eight years later, they were champions. Despite their mercurial rise in the 1970s--which included a first-place overall finish in the 1978-79 season--the Islanders were still considered chokers because of playoff failures. The most frustrating failure of all came at the hands of the rival Rangers, who beat them in 1979 to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. A year later they stumbled through an injury-plagued and inconsistent regular season. When the playoffs arrived again, however, they were ready. Bolstered by the late-season addition of speedy center Butch Goring and the bitterness of the previous year's defeat, the Islanders overcame their past failures and put together an exhausting and dramatic run to their first-ever appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. In the Finals they met the still-dominant Philadelphia Flyers, two-time champions in the 1970s. The ensuing battle demonstrated not only the promise with which the Islanders had always teased their fans, but also the maddening struggles that seemed to hold them back every year. That is, until Game 6, when Bob Nystrom, an everyman's everyman, scored the clinching goal at 7:11 of overtime to make history in both the NHL, and on Long Island. It is a moment that, 25 years later, still lives in the hearts of Islanders fans and in the annals of Long Island, as a region and a community. It is a moment thatspawned a run of four consecutive championships, the longest by any United States-based professional team and a run that has since gone unmatched. Birth of a Dynasty: The 1980 New York Islanders is the story of how it happened, how it came together, and what it felt like to be there.


Merle Author David Brian Plummer
ISBN-10 0953364844
Year 2000-08-01
Pages 140
Language en

The background, breeding and life of Plummer's most famous lurcher.

Imperial Politics and Symbolics in Ancient Japan

Imperial Politics and Symbolics in Ancient Japan Author Herman Ooms
ISBN-10 9780824832353
Year 2009
Pages 353
Language en
Publisher University of Hawaii Press

This title offers an understanding of a formative stage in the development of the Japanese state. It presents a wide-ranging and fine-grained examination of the power struggles, symbolic manipulations, mythological constructs, and historical revisions that both defines and propelled these changes.


Dynasty Author David Sinclair
ISBN-10 UOM:39015026980337
Year 1984
Pages 426
Language en

A thorough account of the rise, and of the wealth and power, of the Astors of the United States and England, from the eighteenth-century German butcher's son to today's ordinary millionaires

The House of Godwine

The House of Godwine Author Emma Mason
ISBN-10 1852853891
Year 2004-03-04
Pages 281
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

Harold Godwineson was king of England from January 1066 until his death at Hastings in October of that year. For much of the reign of Edward the Confessor, who was married to Harold’s sister Eadgyth, the Godwine family, led by Earl Godwine, had dominated English politics. In The Rise and Fall of the House of Godwine, Emma Mason tells the turbulent story of a remarkable family which, until Harold’s unexpected defeat, looked far more likely than the dukes of Normandy to provide the long-term rulers of England. But for the Norman Conquest, an Anglo-Saxon England ruled by the Godwine dynasty would have developed very differently from that dominated by the Normans.

The Dynasty

The Dynasty Author Sunita Aron
ISBN-10 9789385827105
Year 2016-04-01
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Hay House, Inc

Why are surnames so important in politics? Should there be birth entitlements to inheritance of power in a democratic set-up? Must the offspring be given on a platter what the common people have to struggle for? Believers in meritocracy and equitable distribution of power would cry in chorus: ‘No’. Then why is India’s vibrant democracy stained with dynastic politics in which bereavement is also used to transfer power? The Nehru-Gandhi family has so far been singularly held responsible for this widespread political malaise. Rightly so! Had Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru not dithered when his daughter Indira Gandhi stood for presidentship of the Congress almost six decades back, dynastic politics would not have crept into our rich democracy and grown into a monster. What the father founded, the daughter fostered. Since then, innumerable dynasties – old and new, big and small, famous and infamous – dot the country’s political landscape today. Non-Congress parties, though equally guilty, have sporadically raised the issue of hereditary politics but never as intensely as in the watershed 2014 Lok Sabha polls when the voters debated and debunked the right to rule on the basis of birth certificate and not merit. They handed over the reins of the country to a non-dynast, Narendra Modi, punished the country’s grand old party for its non-performance and its scam-ridden tenure and, yet, elected many dynastic scions – a peculiar contradiction, but that’s what Indian politics is all about! This volume incisively analyses the unethical games politicians play to remain in power and grow into brands.