Forest Dark

Forest Dark Author Nicole Krauss
ISBN-10 9781408871805
Year 2017-08-24
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

From the bestselling, twice Orange Prize-shortlisted, National Book Award-nominated author comes a vibrant tale of transformation: of a man in his later years and a woman novelist, each drawn to the Levant on a journey of self-discovery Jules Epstein has vanished from the world. He leaves no trace but a rundown flat patrolled by a solitary cockroach, and a monogrammed briefcase abandoned in the desert. To Epstein's mystified family, the disappearance of a man whose drive and avidity have been a force to be reckoned with for sixty-eight years marks the conclusion of a gradual fading. This transformation began in the wake of Epstein's parents' deaths, and continued with his divorce after more than thirty-five years of marriage, his retirement from a New York legal firm, and the rapid shedding of possessions he'd spent a lifetime accumulating. With the last of his wealth and a nebulous plan, he departs for the Tel Aviv Hilton. Meanwhile, a novelist leaves her husband and children behind in Brooklyn and checks into the same hotel, hoping that the view of the pool she used to swim in on childhood holidays will unlock her writer's block. But when a man claiming to be a retired professor of literature recruits her for a project involving Kafka, she is drawn into a mystery that will take her on a metaphysical journey and change her in ways she could never have imagined. Bursting with life and humour, this is a profound, mesmerising, achingly beautiful novel of metamorphosis and self-realisation – of looking beyond all that is visible towards the infinite.

The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest Author Cixin Liu
ISBN-10 9781784971588
Year 2015-08-11
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Head of Zeus

Imagine the universe as a forest, patrolled by numberless and nameless predators. In this forest, stealth is survival – any civilisation that reveals its location is prey. Earth has. Now the predators are coming. Crossing light years, they will reach Earth in four centuries' time. But the sophons, their extra-dimensional agents and saboteurs, are already here. Only the individual human mind remains immune to their influence. This is the motivation for the Wallfacer Project, a last-ditch defence that grants four individuals almost absolute power to design secret strategies, hidden through deceit and misdirection from human and alien alike. Three of the Wallfacers are influential statesmen and scientists, but the fourth is a total unknown. Luo Ji, an unambitious Chinese astronomer, is baffled by his new status. All he knows is that he's the one Wallfacer that Trisolaris wants dead.

In a Forest Dark and Deep A Play

In a Forest  Dark and Deep  A Play Author Neil LaBute
ISBN-10 9781468314069
Year 2016-05-09
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher The Overlook Press

Betty and Bobby are sister and brother, but they have little in common. She's a college professor with a prim demeanor, and he's a carpenter with a foul mouth and violent streak. Betty has a history of promiscuity that Bobby won't let her forget, and from their first taunting exchanges there are intimations also of the history between them. Yet on the night when Betty urgently needs help to empty her cabin in the woods--the cabin she's been renting to a male student--she calls on Bobby. In this exhilarating play of secrets and sibling rivalry, which had its premiere in London's West End in 2011, Neil LaBute unflinchingly explores the dark territory beyond, as Bobby sneeringly says, "the lies you tell yourself to get by."

Within A Forest Dark The Knights of England Series Book 3

Within A Forest Dark  The Knights of England Series  Book 3 Author Mary Ellen Johnson
ISBN-10 9781614179146
Year 2017-01-10
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher ePublishing Works!

His belief in the Perfection of Knighthood challenged by battlefield atrocities, Matthew Hart returns to London, wishing to reunite with his first love, Margery Watson. Her cruel husband now dead, Margery is a wealthy widow with no intention of returning to the bonds of marriage. But she cannot turn away her once Golden Knight, no matter the depth of innocent blood he spilled in the name of honor and duty. As Matthew forces himself to fulfill feudal obligations, and Margery's unrest turns treasonous, the forces of king and kingdom may prove the lovers' ultimate undoing. THE KNIGHTS OF ENGLAND, in series order The Lion and the Leopard A Knight There Was Within A Forest Dark A Child Upon The Throne

In a Forest Dark and Deep

In a Forest Dark and Deep Author Neil LaBute
ISBN-10 9780822229360
Year 2014-03-17
Pages 58
Language en
Publisher Dramatists Play Service Inc

Betty and Bobby are sister and brother, but they have little in common. She's a college professor with a prim demeanor, and he's a carpenter with a foul mouth and violent streak. Betty has a wild history that Bobby won't let her forget. Yet on the night when Betty urgently needs help to empty her cabin in the woods, she calls on Bobby. In this exhilarating play of secrets and sibling rivalry, LaBute unflinchingly explores the dark territory of "the lies you tell yourself to get by."

The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest Author Hugh Walpole
ISBN-10 9781473391314
Year 2013-04-16
Pages 324
Language en
Publisher Read Books Ltd

A beautifully atmospheric novel, set in the dense forests of central Europe.

Dark Forest

Dark Forest Author Buck J. Wesley
ISBN-10 9780557060153
Year 2009-04
Pages 253
Language en

As crews explore a new mystical planet, they also discover unknown secrets that the planet holds. Come into the world of unknown as mysteries unfold and are solved. Or are they?

The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest Author Mark Norris
ISBN-10 9781597812092
Year 2005-07-01
Pages 328
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

Christian fantasy fun, and dread, move readers in a thrilling page-turning race through The Dark Forest's demonic regions, to the Second Coming of Christ and the Millennium on the other side!

A Dark and Bloody Ground

A Dark and Bloody Ground Author Edward G. Miller
ISBN-10 1585442585
Year 2003-01
Pages 250
Language en
Publisher Texas A&M University Press

The book examines uncertainty of command at the army, corps, and division levels and emphasizes the confusion and fear of ground combat at the level of company and battalion - "where they do the dying." Its gripping description of the battle is based on government records, a rich selection of first-person accounts from veterans of both sides, and author Edward G. Miller's visits to the battlefield. The result is a compelling and comprehensive account of small-unit action set against the background of the larger command levels. The book's foreword is by retired Maj. Gen. R. W. Hogan, who was a battalion commander in the forest.

Surapan and the Dark Forest

Surapan and the Dark Forest Author Christen Adams
ISBN-10 9781479744220
Year 2012-12-07
Pages 36
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Surapan and the Dark Forrest A young boy, Surapan, loses his football into the Dark Forest when it bounces off a goal post. Everyone in his village is afraid of the forest, as it is full of Spirits. Surapan conquers his fear and goes into the forest alone to find his ball. In the forest, strange things happen at a big old Split Tree, but he does find his ball. When he goes back to his home, he finds that things are even stranger than he first thought. Both his parents are very frightened of him. What has happened to him? Surapan has to find a way to resolve his situation. On the advice of his grandmother, Surapan has to be brave and go back into the forest again. Will he find the answer there, or will the Spirits of the Dark Forest give him even more problems?

Oliver and Harriet and the Dark Forest

Oliver and Harriet and the Dark Forest Author P. R. Schoenfeld
ISBN-10 9781481700627
Year 2012-12-26
Pages 276
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

Oliver and Harriet are a seemingly normal set of twins, living a normal life, in our normal world, with one exception -- they are not normal -- they have the strange ability to read each others' mind -- something they thought was perfectly normal. Oliver and Harriet know nothing about other realms, strange creatures, magic potions, or evil tyrants. Th at is until they turn thirteen and return to the realm where they were born -- Framington, to stay at their Gam's house for the summer. Oliver and Harriet quickly realize their summer journey would not be like anything they have ever experienced before, and could be an experience they may not survive. Framington is a mythical place full of colorful hobbits, cranky ogres, and fi re breathing dragons -- a place where their father once ruled and they are decedents to the throne. Framington is now ruled by an evil tyrant -- Lord Th ornas. Th ornas has been confi ned to the Dark Forest for years and the only way out is for him to fi nd "Th e Book" -- a book which only Harriet has the ability to use. Th ornas must fi nd a way to lure Oliver and Harriet to Albazar castle to gain possession of "Th e Book". If Lord Th ornas succeeds Oliver and Harriet will surely not make it out of the Dark Forest alive.

A Forest Dark

A Forest Dark Author J a Waldin
ISBN-10 099208931X
Year 2013-08-16
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Waldin Books

Philip Hyde wants to be a poet. Despite it being an unpopular choice with his family, things are looking good - until he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Unable, or unwilling to accept the diagnosis, his mind becomes overrun by illness, transforming the sensitive young man into something else ... When nothing seems to help, pushed to the brink, he blends Mindfulness Meditation with modern western medicine as a potent tool of healing. In that place, he discovers what that 'illness' has to teach him about himself, and the very nature of the mind. A meditation on the power of one's own mind to heal. A Forest Dark is a bildungsroman of unique importance.

The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest Author J. Keck
ISBN-10 9780985032326
Year 2012-07-01
Pages 14
Language en
Publisher BookBaby

Hitchhiking in Bavaria, Evan is picked up by a womens' soccer club, and is invited to join them for a long weekend of soccer and revelry at a remote chalet in the German forest. Ruth, one of the club's members, draws close to Evan, confiding to him her family's secrets. This psychological and emotional story set in the beauty of the German forest, describes both the intimate romance of youth and the joy of a holiday turned ugly.