Poets in a Landscape

Poets in a Landscape Author Gilbert Highet
ISBN-10 1590173384
Year 2010
Pages 276
Language en
Publisher New York Review of Books

Gilbert Highet was a legendary teacher at Columbia University, admired both for his scholarship and his charisma as a lecturer. Poets in a Landscape is his delightful exploration of Latin literature and the Italian landscape. As Highet writes in his introduction, “I have endeavored to recall some of the greatest Roman poets by describing the places were they lived, recreating their characters and evoking the essence of their work.” The poets are Catullus, Vergil, Propertius, Horace, Tibullus, Ovid, and Juvenal. Highet brings them life, setting them in their historical context and locating them in the physical world, while also offering crisp modern translations of the poets’ finest work. The result is an entirely sui generis amalgam of travel writing, biography, criticism, and pure poetry—altogether an unexcelled introduction to the world of the classics.

In a Landscape

In a Landscape Author John Gallaher
ISBN-10 1938160509
Year 2014-10-14
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Boa Editions

"This is a book of original American poetry"--

Many Histories Deep

Many Histories Deep Author Roger Bowen
ISBN-10 0838635679
Year 1995
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

The Second World War stranded a colony of British writers in Egypt, where they lived on the borderland of an alien culture and a distant British homeland. This study concentrates on four important poets - Keith Douglas, Lawrence Durrell, Bernard Spencer, and Terence Tiller - the journal with which they were associated, Personal Landscape, and the milieu of wartime Cairo. On the periphery of this group were, among others, Olivia Manning and G. S. Fraser, and the Greek exiles George Seferis and Elie Papadimitriou. Cairo's "unreality" - the war in the Western Desert, cultural otherness and the varied definitions of exile, the layers of a native and an imperial history, the currents of political propaganda, literary rivalries played out far from the metropolitan center - formed the background to the growth of these four distinct poetic voices, as well as the establishment of a magazine that promoted a modernist aesthetic and a canon that embraced contemporary Greek letters.

A Source Book in Geography

A Source Book in Geography Author George Kish
ISBN-10 0674822706
Year 1978
Pages 453
Language en
Publisher Harvard University Press

This remarkable volume presents a panorama of geographical writings from Hesiod to Humboldt, from the beginnings of geographical thought in the Western world to the emergence of topical specialization. It includes a wealth of material from non-Western sources, particularly Moslem and Chinese, that has not been collected before. The selections are arranged chronologically, and contain geographical theory, descriptions of terrestrial phenomena by early observers, and excerpts from major voyages of discovery. Some are obvious classics: Socrates on the nature of the Earth, Ezekiel's description of the commerce of Tyre, Columbus' first glimpse of the West Indies, Buffon on the history of the Earth, and Kant's geographical lectures. Yet more commonly, Mr. Kish provides a sense of the discovery with such finds as the ambassador's report to the Caliph of Baghdad on the lands and customs of the Norsemen, the study of the Tartar Empire by John of Monte Corvino, Archbishop of Peking, and Jefferson's private memo to Alexander von Humboldt seeking information on the American West. Each section is highlighted by a brief but engagingly written introduction by the editor. Throughout, the unique cultural and professional perspective of George Kish is very much in evidence.

Spring Shoots Young Belarusian Poets in the Early Twenty First Century

Spring Shoots  Young Belarusian Poets in the Early Twenty First Century Author Arnold McMillin
ISBN-10 9781781882276
Year 2015-10-08
Pages 200
Language en
Publisher MHRA

Spring Shoots introduces individually the early work of two score young Belarusian poets, all of whom began writing after the start of the present regime. This is the first such survey in any language, including Belarusian. All poetic illustrations are cited in the original and accompanied by English prose translations. The poets’ work is presented in eight loosely thematic groups: the historical heritage, religion, protest at alienation and repression, use and defence of the language, the lyrical impulse, humour, performance poetry and the theme of writing itself and poetic inspiration. Also very important in these poems are the joys and tribulations of love. By using the Belarusian language, the poets are helping to save it from decades of erosion and official devaluation, so that their discussion of it is often poignant, particularly as language is a central part of the also suppressed historical heritage. Other types of verse such as humorous, lyrical or that for performance, are less central to the Belarusian situation, but the angry and bitter protest poems serve as perhaps a release valve, as small editions of poems are far less conspicuous than the expression of such feelings on the street, which always meets bitter reprisals.

American Women Poets in the 21st Century

American Women Poets in the 21st Century Author Claudia Rankine
ISBN-10 9780819574442
Year 2013-10-01
Pages 452
Language en
Publisher Wesleyan University Press

Poetry in America is flourishing in this new millennium and asking serious questions of itself: Is writing marked by gender and if so, how? What does it mean to be experimental? How can lyric forms be authentic? This volume builds on the energetic tensions inherent in these questions, focusing on ten major American women poets whose collective work shows an incredible range of poetic practice. Each section of the book is devoted to a single poet and contains new poems; a brief "statement of poetics" by the poet herself in which she explores the forces — personal, aesthetic, political — informing her creative work; a critical essay on the poet's work; a biographical statement; and a bibliography listing works by and about the poet. Underscoring the dynamic give and take between poets and the culture at large, this anthology is indispensable for anyone interested in poetry, gender and the creative process. CONTRIBUTORS: Rae Armantrout, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Lucie Brock Broido, Jorie Graham, Barbara Guest, Lyn Hejinian, Brenda Hillman, Susan Howe, Ann Lauterbach, Harryette Mullen.

Poetry s Playground

Poetry s Playground Author Joseph T. Thomas
ISBN-10 081433296X
Year 2007
Pages 180
Language en
Publisher Wayne State University Press

The first book-length study of contemporary American children's poetry, Poetry's Playground considers children's poetry in relation to the wider scope of adult poetic discourse.

Traces of Dreams

Traces of Dreams Author Haruo Shirane
ISBN-10 0804730997
Year 1998-01
Pages 381
Language en
Publisher Stanford University Press

Basho (1644-94) is perhaps the best known Japanese poet in both Japan and the West, and this book establishes the ground for badly needed critical discussion of this critical figure by placing the works of Basho and his disciples in the context of broader social change.

Form Cycle Infinity

Form  Cycle  Infinity Author Rachel Hadas
ISBN-10 0838750737
Year 1985
Pages 221
Language en
Publisher Bucknell University Press

A study of selected landscape images in the work of two very different yet curiously related poets -- Robert Frost and George Seferis. The resulting study provides a focus of the oeuvre of each poet and finds underlying resemblances between the two poets' worlds.

Women Poets in Ancient Greece and Rome

Women Poets in Ancient Greece and Rome Author Ellen Greene
ISBN-10 0806136642
Year 2005
Pages 234
Language en
Publisher University of Oklahoma Press

Although Greek society was largely male-dominated, it gave rise to a strong tradition of female authorship. Women poets of ancient Greece and Rome have long fascinated readers, even though much of their poetry survives only in fragmentary form. This pathbreaking volume is the first collection of essays to examine virtually all surviving poetry by Greek and Roman women. It elevates the status of the poems by demonstrating their depth and artistry. Edited and with an introduction by Ellen Greene, the volume covers a broad time span, beginning with Sappho (ca. 630 b.c.e.) in archaic Greece and extending to Sulpicia (first century B.C.E.) in Augustan Rome. In their analyses, the contributors situate the female poets in an established male tradition, but they also reveal their distinctly “feminine” perspectives. Despite relying on literary convention, the female poets often defy cultural norms, speaking in their own voices and transcending their positions as objects of derision in male-authored texts. In their innovative reworkings of established forms, women poets of ancient Greece and Rome are not mere imitators but creators of a distinct and original body of work.