Reflections Author Idries Shah
ISBN-10 9780900860072
Year 1983
Pages 147
Language en
Publisher Octagon Press Ltd

This pocket-size collection of sayings and stories from real life, and from the author's observations of our mental processes, is a perfect gift book. It's contemporary, fun to read-like a splash of icewater for the mind.


Reflections Author Benjamin Bergery
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105122964062
Year 2002
Pages 268
Language en
Publisher A S C Holding Corporation

This book includes: case studies of film lighting by some of the world's leading cinematographers ; every chapter is illustrated with reproductions of 35mm film frames ; lighting diagrams accompany 35mm workprints from workshops ; chapters about 'Breathless', 'Fearless', 'Seven' and 'The last Emperor' are presented with frames from selected sequences ; seven sections are cinematography basics, the key light, portraits, day interiors, night interiors, lab techniques and the design of sequences ; technical and aesthetic aspects of cinematography. Wide ranging discussion with cinematographers begin with specific commentaries of the illustrated work and go onto include thoughts on lighting design and philosophy ; and cinematographers also talk candidly about the everyday aspects of cinematography, such as working with the director, scene design, managing time, set policies and other realities of the film business.

Reflections on Literature and Culture

Reflections on Literature and Culture Author Hannah Arendt
ISBN-10 0804744998
Year 2007
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher Stanford University Press

This is the first volume in any language that collects Hannah Arendt's remarkable series of essays and notes on literary figures and cultural questions.

Observations and Reflections in Childhood

Observations and Reflections in Childhood Author Diane Louise Szarkowicz
ISBN-10 017012973X
Year 2006
Pages 194
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning Australia

Observations and Reflections in Childhood focuses on using quality assessment, referred to as documentation, to record childrena s learning and development during everyday activities. This Australian text explains how to: a Observe children and gather a range of documentation a Interpret documentation using different theoretical perspectives a Program using the strengths and interests identified in documentation a Share documentation with others Observations and Reflections in Childhood includes examples of best practice and personal experiences from people working in long day care, outside school hours care and family day care settings. The book is written for those who are preparing to work with children in any of these settings.

Spartan Reflections

Spartan Reflections Author Paul Cartledge
ISBN-10 0520231244
Year 2003
Pages 276
Language en
Publisher Univ of California Press

"Published by arrangement with Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd."--T.p. verso.

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Reflections in a Golden Eye Author Carson McCullers
ISBN-10 0618084754
Year 1941
Pages 136
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Transfered to an army base in the American South of the 1930's, Alison Langdon watches her husband, his commanding officer, and the officer's wife get caught up in a web of passion and jealousy.

Reflections on Exile and Other Essays

Reflections on Exile and Other Essays Author Edward W. Said
ISBN-10 0674003020
Year 2000
Pages 617
Language en
Publisher Harvard University Press

With their powerful blend of political and aesthetic concerns, Edward W. Said's writings have transformed the field of literary studies. This long-awaited collection of literary and cultural essays offers evidence of how much the fully engaged critical mind can contribute to the reservoir of value, thought, and action essential to our lives and culture.

A Joseph Campbell Companion Reflections on the Art of Living

A Joseph Campbell Companion  Reflections on the Art of Living Author Joseph Campbell
ISBN-10 9781611780062
Year 2011-08-01
Language en
Publisher Joseph Campbell Foundation

One of Joseph Campbell's most popular, most quoted works, A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living is a treasure trove of insight and inspiration, thought-provoking in its depth, poetic in its scope.Drawn from a month-long workshop at the world-famous Esalen Institute held in celebration of the scholar's eightieth birthday, the Companion captures Campbell at his best: wise, funny, intelligent and inspiring.

Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge

Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge Author James M. Kouzes
ISBN-10 9780470730461
Year 2009-04-20
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge is a faith-based companion to the best-selling leadership book of all time--The Leadership Challenge. Grounded in Jim and Barry’s time-tested research, Christian Reflections on The Leadership Challenge describes their Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership ® --Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart—and offers practical guidance and inspiring examples about how Christian leaders can have a powerful impact in their workplaces, communities, and congregations by bringing their faith into their leadership. In addition to Jim and Barry’s foundational wisdom, the book brings together five leaders who reflect on the Five Practices from a Christian perspective. John C. Maxwell, David McAllister-Wilson, Patrick Lencioni, Nancy Ortberg, and Ken Blanchard share insights and stories culled from personal experience and the lives of other Christian leaders who have accomplished extraordinary things in churches, communities, classrooms, and corporations. Their thoughtful reflections on the role of faith in leadership will propel leaders and aspiring leaders

Can the Subaltern Speak

Can the Subaltern Speak Author Rosalind C. Morris
ISBN-10 0231143850
Year 2010
Pages 318
Language en
Publisher Columbia University Press

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak's 1988 essay Can the Subaltern Speak? introduced questions of gender and sexual difference into analyses of representation and offering a profound critique of both subaltern history and radical Western philosophy. Spivak's eloquent and uncompromising arguments engaged with more than just power, politics, and the postcolonial. They confronted the methods of deconstruction, the contemporary relevance of Marxism, the international division of labor, and capitalism's worlding of the world, calling attention to the historical and ideological factors that efface the possibility of being heard. Since the publication of Spivak's essay, the work has been revered, reviled, misread, and misappropriated. It has been cited, invoked, imitated, and critiqued. In these phenomenal essays, eight scholars take stock of this response. They begin by contextualizing the piece within the development of subaltern and postcolonial studies and the quest for human rights, and then they think with Spivak's essay about historical problems of subalternity, voicing, and death. A final section situates Spivak's work in the contemporary world, particularly through readings of new international divisions of labor and the politics of silence among indigenous women of Guatemala and Mexico. In an afterword, Spivak herself looks at the interpretations of her essay and its future incarnations, while specifying some of the questions and histories that remain secreted in the original and revised versions of Can the Subaltern Speak? -- both of which are reprinted in this book.

Mexican Cinema

Mexican Cinema Author Carl J. Mora
ISBN-10 0520043049
Year 1989
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Univ of California Press

The author's main reason for writing this book, however, is simply to provide an introduction to the Mexican commercial cinema for American and other English-speaking readers. Although the United States has been, and continues to be, a major foreign market for Mexican movies, the overwhelming majority of Americans are unaware of them. Mexican films are restricted to the Hispanic theater circuits and shown without English subtitles; therefore anyone wishing to see a Mexican movie would have to be fairly fluent in Spanish. Such a requisite effectively eliminates almost the entire general audience in the United States from exposure to Mexican cinema.