Romantic Prairie Style

Romantic Prairie Style Author Fifi O'Neill
ISBN-10 1907563199
Year 2011
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Cico

Displays homes that exemplify the prairie style that came into prominence in 1880s America, was influenced by European immigrants who built homes in the area; and used natural tones and beauty to create cozy homes.

Romantic Prairie Style Cookbook

Romantic Prairie Style Cookbook Author Fifi O'Neill
ISBN-10 1908170174
Year 2012-03-01
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Cico Books

Presents a collection of recipes featuring homegrown ingredients that celebrates an artisanal cooking style, offering ideas for each meal of the day.

Prairie Style Weddings

Prairie Style Weddings Author Fifi O'Neill
ISBN-10 9781452133454
Year 2014-12-02
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Chronicle Books

Rustic barns and gardens are popular settings for the intimate, personalized weddings that are today's top trend. Stylist Fifi O'Neill knows how to transform such venues into gorgeous "prairie style" celebrations that seamlessly blend ruggedness and elegance. This beautifully illustrated lookbook with more than 150 photographs is filled with unique ideas for planning the perfect bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. From a cheery garden-shed party to a dinner set amid a lush cornfield, Prairie-Style Weddings shows how to achieve an effortless look that is rich in personality and bursting with charm. Ten simple DIY projects add a homespun touch to any wedding event.

Das geraubte Leben des Waisen Jun Do

Das geraubte Leben des Waisen Jun Do Author Adam Johnson
ISBN-10 9783518730690
Year 2013-03-11
Pages 687
Language de
Publisher Suhrkamp Verlag

Pak Jun Do hat noch nie einen Film gesehen, kaum je ein Werbeplakat, er findet es merkwürdig, dass woanders Leute Tiere im Haus halten, und wundert sich über Maschinen, die Geld auswerfen. Er kennt keine Ironie, keine Kunst, keine Mode und keine Magazine. Aufgewachsen im nordkoreanischen Waisenhaus Frohe Zukunft, ist er ein winziges Rädchen im großen Getriebe der absurd-grausamen Herrschaft des »Geliebten Führers« Kim Jong Il. Schon ein falsches Wort kann jeden sofort ins Lager bringen. Doch mit der Zeit beginnt Jun Do an etwas zu glauben, was stärker ist als Staatstreue: Freundschaft und Liebe. Als er die Schauspielerin Sun Moon trifft, lernt er das bedingungslose Vertrauen in einen anderen Menschen kennen. Und nur dafür lohnt es sich zu überleben.


Pieography Author Jo Packham
ISBN-10 9781592538539
Year 2013-02-01
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Quarry

Collects recipes for pies, including espresso dream pie, salmon and spinach pie, and Kahlua chocolate pecan pie, with short essays, and brief profiles of each contributor.

Landscapes in History

Landscapes in History Author Philip Pregill
ISBN-10 0471293288
Year 1999-01-25
Pages 864
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

The definitive, one-stop reference to the history of landscape architecture-now expanded and revised This revised edition of Landscapes in History features for the first time new information-rarely available elsewhere in the literature-on landscape architecture in India, China, Southeast Asia, and Japan. It also expands the discussion of the modern period, including current North American planning and design practices. This unique, highly regarded book traces the development of landscape architecture and environmental design from prehistory to modern times-in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. It covers the many cultural, political, technological, and philosophical issues influencing land use throughout history, focusing not only on design topics but also on the environmental impact of human activity. Landscape architects, urban planners, and students of these disciplines will find here: * The most comprehensive, in-depth, and up-to-date overview of the subject * Hundreds of stunning photographs and design illustrations * A scholarly yet accessible treatment, drawing on the latest research in archaeology, geography, and other disciplines * The authors' own firsthand observations and travel experiences * Insight into the evolution of landscape architecture as a discipline * Useful chapter summaries and bibliographies

Designing a Place Called Home

Designing a Place Called Home Author James Wentling
ISBN-10 9781468414189
Year 2012-12-06
Pages 290
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

are often lined with garages in front of houses that are clearly more internalized in design, some even taking on a fortress-like appearance. Today's new homes are technically superior in construction; i.e., they are more energy efficient, weather resistant and maintenance free. However, they also seem to lack the warmth and charm of prewar homes, for which more construction dollars were spent on quality veneers, buUt-in features and other human-scale details. The postwar need for massive amounts of "affordable" housing for returning GIs helped to encourage buUding practices that could reduce on-site labor and material costs in houses. The accommodation of the automobile, cost-cutting movements and a variety of other trends caused a gradual decline in the human, social and emotional qualities of postwar residential architecture. This book will attempt to look at the issues and choices facing today's residential designers and home buUders and ask: How can we make our new houses and neighborhoods more responsive to humanistic needs, partlcularly in light of constant pressures to keep housing costs down? This question will generally be addressed by comparing historical designs to those of today, to see if we might be able to reconsider some "old-fashioned" ideas in new housing designs.

Pueblo Style and Regional Architecture

Pueblo Style and Regional Architecture Author Nicholas C. Markovich
ISBN-10 9781317398820
Year 2015-06-03
Pages 370
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Few architectural styles evoke so strong a sense of place as Pueblo architecture. This book brings together experts from architecture and art, archaeology and anthropology, philosophy and history, considering Pueblo style not simply architecturally, but within its cultural, religious, economic, and climate contexts as well. The product of successive layers of Pueblo Indian, Spanish, and Anglo influences, contemporary Pueblo style is above all seen as a harmonious response to the magnificent landscape from which it emerged. Pueblo Style and Regional Architecture, first published in 1990, is a unique and thorough study of this enduring regional style, a sourcebook that will inform and inspire architects and designers, as well as fascinate those interested in the anthropology, culture, art, and history of the American Southwest.

Romantic Weekends in Texas

Romantic Weekends in Texas Author Mary Lu Abbott
ISBN-10 1588433587
Year 2003-05-01
Pages 302
Language en
Publisher Hunter Publishing, Inc

Featuring locations in and around Houston, San Antonio, Austin and El Paso this guide includes luxury hotels in the cities and hidden ranches in the deserts, restaurants to suit all budgets - from fine dining to roadside BBQs, and many tips on the most romantic activities in the region.

The Late Romantic Era

The Late Romantic Era Author Jim Samson
ISBN-10 9781349113002
Year 1992-01-10
Pages 463
Language en
Publisher Springer

The Late Romantic Era treats the period bounded by the 1848 revolutions and the outbreak of World War I. It examines several musical dimensions of the bourgeois cultural ascendancy of the second half of the 19th century - the growth of independent institutions of music-making, the consolidation of a standard classical repertory and the emergence of increasingly specific repertories of popular music, professional and amateur. Single chapters on particular countries or regions are framed by pairs of chapters on Vienna, Paris and the German cities. In an opening chapter Dr Samson places the later geographical surveys within a thematic context which embraces social and economic change, political ideology and the climate of ideas.

Style Deficit Disorder

Style Deficit Disorder Author Tiffany Godoy
ISBN-10 0811857964
Year 2007-12-13
Pages 237
Language en
Publisher Chronicle Books

Nearly two hundred full-color and black-and-white photographs, essays by seminal Japanese fashion editors, and commentary showcase a provocative look at the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, an area that has become an international style mecca featuring an array of cutting-edge designers and their influential work. 15,000 first printing.