Symphony in Blue

Symphony in Blue Author Shira Anthony
ISBN-10 9781627983945
Year 2013-12-25
Pages 73
Language en
Publisher Dreamspinner Press

The Blue Notes series couples are back! David orchestrates a reunion in Milan, a symphony of friendship and love, and thanks giving.

Symphony in Blue

Symphony in Blue Author M. J. Duncan
ISBN-10 154491721X
Year 2017-03-25
Pages 380
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

It was just supposed to be a working weekend in Maui and not anything remotely life-altering, but all that changes the moment Gwen Harrison holds a hotel elevator for Dana Ryan. Beautiful and charming, Dana is a breath of fresh air that Gwen is helpless to resist-something she dearly regrets when their whirlwind weekend is over and reality sets back in. The course of true love is notorious for being anything but smooth, but the truths and consequences of an inauspicious beginning such as theirs are enough to put that old adage to the ultimate test.

The Peacock Room

The Peacock Room Author Linda Merrill
ISBN-10 9780300076110
Year 1998
Pages 406
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

The magnificent Peacock Room, decorated by James McNeill Whistler in 1876-77 for wealthy London shipowner Frederick Leyland, quickly became one of the most controversial, celebrated, and scandalous rooms in the world. Now on permanent display at the Freer Gallery of Art, the recently restored Peacock Room is widely held to be the most important nineteenth-century interior in an American museum. In this gorgeously illustrated book, Linda Merrill tells the full story of the London dining room that was created to provide a setting for Leyland's extensive collection of Chinese porcelain, the legendary quarrel between Whistler and his patron, and the subsequent critical and popular reception of the room through its museum installation in 1923. In this comprehensive examination of the Peacock Room's history, Merrill offers fascinating insights into nineteenth-century British culture - taste, patronage, attitudes toward Asian art, origins of art nouveau, and relation to American culture.

Japonisme in Britain

Japonisme in Britain Author Ayako Ono
ISBN-10 9781136625039
Year 2013-11-05
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Japan held a profound fascination for western artists in the latter half of the nineteenth century and the influence of Japonisme on western art was pervasive. Paradoxically, just as western artists were beginning to find inspiration in Japan and Japanese art, Japan was opening to the western world and beginning a process of thorough modernisation, some have said westernisation. The mastery of western art was included in the programme. This book examines the nineteenth century art world against this background and explores Japanese influences on four artists working in Britain in particular: the American James McNeill Whistler, the Australian Mortimer Menpes, and the 'Glasgow boys' George Henry and Edward Atkinson Hornel. Japonisme in Britian is richly illustrated throughout.

Picture Titles

Picture Titles Author Ruth Bernard Yeazell
ISBN-10 9781400873463
Year 2015-09-29
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

A picture's title is often our first guide to understanding the image. Yet paintings didn’t always have titles, and many canvases acquired their names from curators, dealers, and printmakers—not the artists. Taking an original, historical look at how Western paintings were named, Picture Titles shows how the practice developed in response to the conditions of the modern art world and how titles have shaped the reception of artwork from the time of Bruegel and Rembrandt to the present. Ruth Bernard Yeazell begins the story with the decline of patronage and the rise of the art market in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as the increasing circulation of pictures and the democratization of the viewing public generated the need for a shorthand by which to identify works at a far remove from their creation. The spread of literacy both encouraged the practice of titling pictures and aroused new anxieties about relations between word and image, including fears that reading was taking the place of looking. Yeazell demonstrates that most titles composed before the nineteenth century were the work of middlemen, and even today many artists rely on others to name their pictures. A painter who wants a title to stick, Yeazell argues, must engage in an act of aggressive authorship. She investigates prominent cases, such as David’s Oath of the Horatii and works by Turner, Courbet, Whistler, Magritte, and Jasper Johns. Examining Western painting from the Renaissance to the present day, Picture Titles sheds new light on the ways that we interpret and appreciate visual art.

James McNeill Whistler and France

James McNeill Whistler and France Author Suzanne Singletary
ISBN-10 9781315438719
Year 2016-11-18
Pages 252
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

James McNeill Whistler and France: A Dialogue in Paint, Poetry, and Music is the first full-length and in-depth study to position this painter within the overall trajectory of French modernism during the second half of the nineteenth century and to view the artist as integral to the aesthetic projects of its most original contributors. Suzanne M. Singletary maintains that Whistler was in a unique situation as an insider within the emerging French avant-garde, thereby in an enviable position to both absorb and transform the innovations of others – and that until now, his widespread influence as a catalyst among his colleagues has been neither investigated nor appreciated. Singletary contends that Whistler’s importance rivals that of Manet, whose multi-layered (and often unexpected) interconnections with Whistler are the focus of one chapter. In addition, Whistler’s pivotal role in linking the legacies of Baudelaire, Delacroix, Gautier, Wagner, and other mid-century innovators to the later French Symbolists has previously been largely ignored. Courbet, Degas, Monet, and Seurat complete the roster of French artists whose dialogue with Whistler is highlighted.

Rival Sisters Art and Music at the Birth of Modernism 1815 915

 Rival Sisters  Art and Music at the Birth of Modernism  1815 915  Author JamesH. Rubin
ISBN-10 9781351550727
Year 2017-07-05
Pages 414
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Introducing the concept of music and painting as 'rival sisters' during the nineteenth century, this interdisciplinary collection explores the productive exchange-from rivalry to inspiration to collaboration-between the two media in the age of Romanticism and Modernism. The volume traces the relationship between art and music, from the opposing claims for superiority of the early nineteenth century, to the emergence of the concept of synesthesia around 1900. This collection puts forward a more complex history of the relationship between art and music than has been described in earlier works, including an intermixing of models and distinctions between approaches to them. Individual essays from art history, musicology, and literature examine the growing influence of art upon music, and vice versa, in the works of Berlioz, Courbet, Manet, Fantin-Latour, Rodin, Debussy, and the Pre-Raphaelites, among other artists.