Texas Homeowners Association Law

Texas Homeowners Association Law Author Gregory S. Cagle
ISBN-10 9781938223785
Year 2013
Pages 793
Language en
Publisher Hillcrest Publishing Group

Texas Homeowners Association Law is a comprehensive legal reference book written specifically for Directors, Officers and homeowners in Texas Homeowners Associations.

Highland Park and River Oaks

Highland Park and River Oaks Author Cheryl Caldwell Ferguson
ISBN-10 9780292759374
Year 2014-08-27
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher University of Texas Press

In the early twentieth century, developers from Baltimore to Beverly Hills built garden suburbs, a new kind of residential community that incorporated curvilinear roads and landscape design as picturesque elements in a neighborhood. Intended as models for how American cities should be rationally, responsibly, and beautifully modernized, garden suburban communities were fragments of a larger (if largely imagined) garden city—the mythical "good" city of U.S. city-planning practices of the 1920s. This extensively illustrated book chronicles the development of the two most fully realized garden suburbs in Texas, Dallas's Highland Park and Houston's River Oaks. Cheryl Caldwell Ferguson draws on a wealth of primary sources to trace the planning, design, financing, implementation, and long-term management of these suburbs. She analyzes homes built by such architects as H. B. Thomson, C. D. Hill, Fooshee & Cheek, John F. Staub, Birdsall P. Briscoe, and Charles W. Oliver. She also addresses the evolution of the shopping center by looking at Highland Park's Shopping Village, which was one of the first in the nation. Ferguson sets the story of Highland Park and River Oaks within the larger story of the development of garden suburban communities in Texas and across America to explain why these two communities achieved such prestige, maintained their property values, became the most successful in their cities in the twentieth century, and still serve as ideal models for suburban communities today.

Represent Yourself in Court

Represent Yourself in Court Author Paul Bergman
ISBN-10 9781413323085
Year 2016-09-30
Pages 552
Language en
Publisher Nolo

If you’re going to trial without an attorney, this is the essential guide for making the most of your day in court. Represent Yourself in Court breaks the trial process down into easy-to-understand steps, so that you can act as your own lawyer—safely and efficiently.

New Neighborhoods

New Neighborhoods Author Gary Poliakoff
ISBN-10 9781934572184
Year 2009
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Greenleaf Book Group

A consumers' guide discusses buying and living in a condo or home that is part of a co-op or association community, detailing rights and responsibilities, how associations operate, and the legal and social aspects of community living.

California Style Manual

California Style Manual Author Edward W. Jessen
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105062046748
Year 2000-01
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher West Group Publishing

Rev. ed. of: California style manual / by Robert E. Formichi. 3rd ed. c1986.


Privatopia Author Evan McKenzie
ISBN-10 0300066384
Year 1994
Pages 237
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

This book is the first comprehensive study of the political and social issues posed by the rise of common-interest housing developments and their private governments. Tracing the history of this type of housing from the nineteenth century to the present, McKenzie highlights the important but little-understood role public policy has played in advancing this large-scale 'privatization for the few', and he concludes by considering the implications for civil liberties and for politics at all levels of government.

Construction Defects

Construction Defects Author Roland Nikles
ISBN-10 1614384398
Year 2012
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Amer Bar Assn

Construction Defects provides an analytical guide to the non-uniform construction defects law in the United States. Ten chapters cover the key issues that specialists in the field of construction law and construction defects have identified as most relevant to the subject to serve as a frame of reference for analysis of any construction defect issue. Topics include: Understanding risk and consequence; Strategies for minimizing design defects; Managing risk of building defects during all phases of construction and post-construction; and Preparing and presenting a case; Alternative dispute resolution Tables and references to other publications to provide information on a state-by-state basis"

The Laws of Texas 1822 1897

The Laws of Texas 1822 1897 Author Texas
ISBN-10 9781584774167
Year 1898
Pages 16396
Language en
Publisher The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

Gammel, Hans Peter Nielson, Compiler. The Laws of Texas 1822-1897: Austin's Colonization Law and Contract; Mexican Constitution of 1824; Federal Colonization Law; Colonization Laws of Coahuila and Texas; Colonization Law of State of Tamaulipas; Fredonian Declaration of Independence; Laws and Decrees, with Constitution of Coahuila and Texas; San Felipe Convention; Journals of the Consultation; Proceedings of the General Council; Goliad Declaration of Independence; Journals of the Convention at Washington; Ordinances and Decrees of the Consultation; Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the Republic; Laws, General and Special, of the Republic; Annexation Resolution of the United States; Ratification of the Same by Texas; Constitution of the United States; Constitutions of the State of Texas, With All the Laws, General and Special, Passed Thereunder, Including Ordinances, Decrees, and Resolutions, With the Constitution of the Confederate States and the Reconstruction Acts of Congress. With an Introduction by C.W. Raines. Austin: The Gammel Book Company, 1898. Volumes 1-10. Complete set. [With] Raines, Cadwell Walton. Analytical Index to the Laws of Texas, 1823-1905 (Both Dates Inclusive). Austin: Von Boeckmann-Jones Company, 1906. 4, 559 pp. Together 11 books. Reprinted 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-416-9. Cloth. New. $2,750. * This monumental compilation includes all material relating to congressional and legislative sessions as well as other significant documents. Taken together, these materials offer an incomparable guide to early Texas history. Indeed, C.W. Raines, the state librarian, praises Gammel in the introduction, noting "these volumes are in the nature of original evidence for the student of our jurisprudence, and that nowhere else can it be so well studied as to its origin, character, successive changes, and its present status as a blended system of the Roman Civil Law and the Common Law of England (Volume I, v). Published over one hundred years ago, it remains an invaluable resource. In Basic Texas Law Books, Jenkins says it is "the most valuable compilation of early laws of Texas, and still the most useful" (69). Although Gammel's Laws is one of the most important works on the state's history, government and politics, it has never been reprint

The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure 4th Edition

The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure  4th Edition Author Alice Sturgis
ISBN-10 0071420576
Year 2000-12-28
Pages 285
Language en
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional

Already the acclaimed choice of thousands of successful organizations including the American Library Association, the Fourth Edition features an all-new chapter that considers the ways the Internet and other state-of-the-art technologies have rewritten the rules of today’s meetings and conventions. This easy-to-use, paperback volume—the popular alternative to Robert’s Rules—is the most comprehensive, understandable, and logical guide to smooth-running, professional meetings. Alice Sturgis was a practicing parliamentarian and consultant to national and international professional and business organizations. She taught at Stanford University and the University of California.


Rico Author Jed S. Rakoff
ISBN-10 158852048X
Year 2015-07-28
Pages 700
Language en
Publisher Law Journal Press

RICO: Civil and Criminal Law and Strategy provides a fundamental grounding in substantive RICO law and focuses on strategic and tactical considerations of RICO practice.

The new federalist

The new federalist Author Gordon Tullock
ISBN-10 UVA:X002645039
Year 1994
Pages 141
Language en

How can government become more efficient? The answer, world-renowned economist Gordon Tullock explains, is to let governments compete with each other. This means allowing small communities to decide how much to tax and spend. Citizens can then "vote with their feet" and settle in the community that gives the best mix of services for tax dollars. Governments that remain inefficient will lose their tax base and be forced to mend their ways. Tullock masterfully explains how Canada could move toward such a system and the benefits Canadians would receive.

The Legal Foundations of Free Markets

The Legal Foundations of Free Markets Author Stephen F. Copp
ISBN-10 IND:30000124711379
Year 2008
Pages 257
Language en
Publisher Inst of Economic Affairs

Bringing together some of the world’s leading figures in the field of law and economics, this book discusses questions that are central to understanding how a free-market economy operates. Though most people accept that a free economy cannot exist in a legal vacuum, important questions about how systems of law come into being and what form they should take remain in dispute. The contributors shed light on some of these issues, such as whether common law systems are better than codified law systems; the relationship between natural law and government law; whether systems of law evolve within societies or are imposed from above by government; and the role of human rights as guaranteed by constitutions. After examining these questions, specific problems are examined that are frequently disputed by economists—such as the role of competition law; the relationship between law, regulation and economics; and, how the law can protect the environment without onerous regulation. This collection is an important contribution to the literature in the field of law and economics, both for economists who wish to understand more about the origins and purposes of law and regulation, and for lawyers who need to understand more about the economic foundations of sound legal systems. It contains contributions from Norman Barry, David Campbell, Richard A. Epstein, Samuel Gregg, Peter T. Leeson, Julian Morris, Anthony Ogus, and Cento Veljanovski.