The Bronfmans

The Bronfmans Author Nicholas Faith
ISBN-10 1429904127
Year 2007-04-01
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Macmillan

The story of the Bronfman family is a fascinating and improbable saga. It is dominated by "Mr. Sam," the single greatest figure in the history of the liquor business, the man who made drinking whiskey respectable in the United States and who in the 1950s and 1960s built Seagram into the first worldwide empire in wine and spirits. After Sam's death in 1971, his oldest son, Edgar, maintained the business, though he was distracted by his matrimonial problems. Nevertheless, in the 1980s he masterminded a major coup when he translated a small investment in oil made by his father into a 25 percent stake in the mighty DuPont company. But in the 1990s, Edgar allowed his second son, Edgar Jr., to indulge his ambition to become a media tycoon. The stake in DuPont was sold, and the money reinvested in Universal, the film and theme-park empire. Edgar Jr. then paid more than $10 billion to buy Polygram Records and thus fulfill his fancy to be king of the world's music business. But at the same time, he remained in charge of the liquor business, which started to stagnate—indeed, to fall apart. Then came the final disaster when the increasingly divided family sold out to Jean-Marie Messier, overreaching empire builder of Vivendi, the French conglomerate. But the story of this amazing family over the past century is about more than booze and business. The Bronfmans is a spectacular account that details the larger-than-life personalities and bitter rivalries that have made the family so famous and, sometimes, so infamous.


Distilled Author Charles Bronfman
ISBN-10 9781443448499
Year 2016-10-25
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher HarperCollins

While much has been written about his father, Sam, a titan of industry, there is no public record of Charles Bronfman’s thoughts on his own life, family, career and his significant accomplishments in sport and philanthropy. Distilled does just that, chronicling key events in the life of the heir to one of Canada’s great fortunes. Born in 1931 to the fabulously wealthy Bronfmans, Charles grew up in a 20-room mansion with many staff. Via their control of the distilling giant Seagram, the Bronfman family dominated the liquor business with brands such as Crown Royal, V.O. and Chivas Regal. By the 1980s, Seagram was also the biggest shareholder of DuPont and by the 1990s, the family’s wealth was in the billions, culminating in the $35-billion sale of Seagram to France’s Vivendi, which turned into a financial and family disaster. In Distilled, Charles reflects on all of it---his relationship with his parents, his brother Edgar, working in the family business, landing Canada’s first big league baseball franchise (the Montreal Expos), leading a philanthropic life by promoting Canadian identity through Heritage Minutes and supporting Israel through countless innovative initiatives including the globally respected Birthright Israel---and to how the Bronfman family splintered over the sale of Seagram.


Leo Author Leo Kolber
ISBN-10 9780773571570
Year 2003-10-27
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

For thirty years Kolber was chairman of Cemp Investments, the Bronfman trust, and Cadillac Fairview Corporation, one of the largest real estate firms in North America. He charts his directorship of Dupont and other companies in which the Bronfmans held an important interest and reveals the inner workings of mega deals, including the Bronfman acquisition of MGM in the 1960s. The memoir also offers a sobering look at Edgar Bronfman Jr's disasterous decision to sell Seagram's 25 percent interest in DuPont in order to buy MCA-Universal Studios, a deal that Kolber strongly opposed and which signalled the dissolution of a great business empire.


Iced Author Stephen Schneider
ISBN-10 9780470835005
Year 2009-12-09
Pages 608
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

"You're lucky he didn't have an ice pick in his hands. I know how this guy performs." -Mobster Paul Volpe speaking about a Buffalo-mafia enforcer named "Cicci" Canada is lauded the world over as a law abiding, peaceful country - a shining example to all nations. Such a view, also shared by most Canadians, is typically naïve and misinformed. Throughout its history, to present day and beyond, Canada has been and will continue to be home to criminals and crime organizations that are brilliant at finding ways to make money - a lot of money - illegally. Iced: The Story of Organized Crime in Canada is a remarkable parallel history to the one generally accepted and taught in our schools. Organized crime has had a significant impact on the shaping of this country and the lives of its people. The most violent and thuggish - outlaw motorcycle gangs like Hells Angels - have been raised to mythic proportions. The families who owned distilleries during Prohibition, such as the Bronfmans, built vast fortunes that today are vested in corporate holdings. The mafia in Montreal created and controlled the largest heroin and cocaine smuggling empire in the world, feeding the insatiable appetite of our American neighbours. Today, gangs are laying waste the streets of Vancouver, and "BC bud" flows into the U.S. as the marijuana of choice. Organized crime is as old as this nation's founding, with pirates ravaging the east coast, even as hired guns by colonial governments. Since our nation's earliest times, government and crime groups have found that collusion can have its mutual benefits. Comprehensive, informative and entertaining - as you will discover in the remarkable period pieces devised by the author and the illustrations commissioned specially for this book - Iced is a romp across the nation and across the centuries. In these pages you will meet crime groups that are at once sordid and inept, yet resourceful entrepreneurs and self-proclaimed champions of the underdog, who operate in full sight of their communities and the law. This is the definitive book on organized crime in Canada, and a unique contribution to our understanding of Canadian history.

Samuel Bronfman

Samuel Bronfman Author Michael Robert Marrus
ISBN-10 UVA:X002074056
Year 1991
Pages 551
Language en
Publisher Hanover, New Hampshire : Published by University Press of New England [for] Brandeis University Press

Recounts the life and career of the Canadian founder of the Seagram's distilling business

The Art of Doing Good

The Art of Doing Good Author Charles Bronfman
ISBN-10 9781118282465
Year 2012-08-29
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

How to turn personal passion into an organization with impact For anyone setting out to change the world, launching a nonprofit venture can be a powerful way to enact change. Whether bringing donated eyeglasses to children who have never seen clearly, revamping inner city schools, or bringing solar cookers to refugee camps, the act of doing good can be life-changing. Yet starting a nonprofit?and running it well?can also pose challenges. The Art of Doing Good is an essential companion for anyone looking to start an organization that makes a real difference. Drawing from their own leadership roles in the nonprofit world, as well as interviews with 18 celebrated social innovators, the authors prepare would-be social entrepreneurs with guidance and real-world advice for sustaining the spirit, ambition, and ingenuity to keep their vision alive and thriving. Features real-life stories of 18 notable social entrepreneurs and the organizations they run, including Geoffrey Canada (Harlem Children?s Zone), Darell Hammond (KaBOOM!), and Michael Brown (City Year) Reveals what particular issues nonprofit leaders can expect to face throughout the lifespan of their organization and shares strategies for meeting challenges Written by world-renowned philanthropists Bronfman and Solomon, respectively cofounder and CEO of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies and coauthors of The Art of Giving With thoughtful and comprehensive insight on how the most effective social ventures do good well,The Art of Doing Good is essential reading for both new and experienced nonprofit leaders.

The Bronfman Haggadah

The Bronfman Haggadah Author Edgar M. Bronfman
ISBN-10 0847839680
Year 2013-02-12
Pages 127
Language en

The Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient presents a contemporary Haggadah designed to promote Jewish pride and honor the traditional commandment to retell the Exodus story, interweaving quotes by famous and lesser-known writers while offering sumptuous watercolor renderings of iconic events and sacred objects.

Spirited Commitment

Spirited Commitment Author Roderick MacLeod
ISBN-10 9780773537101
Year 2010-04-16
Pages 404
Language en
Publisher McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

Liquor baron and long-time president of the Canadian Jewish Congress Samuel Bronfman and his wife and fellow philanthropist Saidye were influential figures in the history of Montreal and have left a legacy that continues to advance cultural, social, legal, political, and Jewish causes. One aspect of their enduring memory and contribution to society is a leading Canadian philanthropic organization, the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation (SSBFF). Spirited Commitment is a compelling history of the evolution of the SSBFF from Sam and Saidye's original philanthropic interests and their establishment of the Foundation, to the negotiations about how to continue and expand this tradition after Sam's death in 1971, to the professionalization of the foundation and its granting programs under the leadership of Peter Swann and then John Hobday, a key figure in the history of Canadian arts administration. Spirited Commitment explores how the SSBFF has balanced its commitments to Jewish charitable causes and to Canadian culture and society. A detailed account of the Foundation's numerous programs over three decades - including the Centre for Cultural Management and the Saidye Bronfman Centre - highlights the innovations that SSBFF grants have led to in the arts, community development, and scientific research. The book also profiles the shift towards a more strategic approach to giving as a way to fulfil the Foundation's broad mandate and also achieve a lasting impact: the SSBFF is notable not just for its philanthropic heritage but for changes within the Foundation itself that represent advances in the professional governance and administration of philanthropic enterprise. An illuminating and vibrant portrait of the personalities, motivations, and strategies behind the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation, Spirited Commitment is a revealing and insightful account of the inner workings of philanthropic foundations. The Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation Roderick MacLeod and Eric John Abrahamson "This book is a manual for enlightened philanthropy - how to provide the most benefit, directly or indirectly, for the largest number of deserving people and causes. The Bronfman Family Foundation achieved this objective in the noblest Jewish tradition of philanthropy and has made Canada a stronger and better country. Its achievements provide a template for more fortunate families in fulfilling their obligation to share their good fortune with the community and the country that nourished them." Ruth M. Goldbloom, OC, Ons, Chair, Pier 21 Museum of Immigration Foundation

Family Wars

Family Wars Author Grant Gordon
ISBN-10 9780749461836
Year 2010-03-03
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Kogan Page Publishers

Many of the world's most successful businesses are family owned. With this comes the threat of family bust-ups, sibling rivalry and petty jealousies. Family Wars takes you behind the scenes on a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of some of the biggest family-run companies in the world, showing how family in-fighting has threatened to bring about their downfall. Whether it's the Redstone's courtroom battles or the feud over Henry Ford's reluctance to let go of the reigns, the book reveals the origins, the extent and the final resolution of some of the most famous family feuds in recent history. Names you'll recognise include: the Gallo Family; the Guinness story; the Pathak family; and the Gucci family. An astonishing exposé of the way families do business and how arguments can threaten to blow a business apart, Family Wars also offers valuable advice on how such problems can be contained and solved.

The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving Author Charles Bronfman
ISBN-10 0470531754
Year 2009-09-29
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

An honest assessment for how to determine your individual relationship with charitable giving in today's world From world-renowned philanthropists Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies comes a comprehensive guide on how to be a canny, street-smart, effective philanthropist, regardless of your income level. It is also a perfect companion for nonprofit program and development executives who would like to introduce donors to their work and their organizations. Despite their critical importance to philanthropy, donors have few resources for solid information about making their gifts-deciding what type of gift to give, how to structure it, the tax implications, what level of follow-up and transparency they should ask for and expect, and countless other complexities. This book fills that vacuum and helps you gain a special understanding of philanthropy as a business undertaking as well as a deeply personal, reflective process. Drawing on decades of experience, the authors offer a fresh, enlivening approach to the nonprofit enterprise that, too often, is undervalued and thought of as the province of the burnt-out and the overwhelmed. Along with its many candid insights and memorable anecdotes, The Art of Giving also offers instruction on how to create a business plan for giving that works for you.

Why Be Jewish

Why Be Jewish Author Edgar Bronfman
ISBN-10 9781455562886
Year 2016-03-22
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Twelve

Edgar M. Bronfman's clarion call to a generation of secular, disaffected, and unaffiliated Jews, this book addresses the most critical question confronting Judaism worldwide. Completed in December 2013, just weeks before he passed away, WHY BE JEWISH? expresses Edgar Bronfman's awe, respect, and deep love for his faith and heritage. Bronfman walks readers through the major tenets and ideas in Jewish life, fleshing out their meaning and offering proof texts from the Jewish tradition gleaned over his many years of study with some of the greatest teachers in the Jewish world. With honesty, poignancy, and passion, Bronfman shares In WHY BE JEWISH? insights gleaned from his own personal journey and makes a compelling case for the meaning and transcendence of a secular Judaism that is still steeped in deep moral values, authentic Jewish texts, and a focus on deed over creed or dogma.