The Crystal Bible

The Crystal Bible Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781440349270
Year 2016-04-01
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Adams Media

Beautifully illustrated, The Crystal Bible offers a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications. With informative descriptions and an easy-to-use format, it is an indispensable practical handbook for crystal lovers and users everywhere--both beginner and expert alike. The book's directory format and beautiful, full-color photos ensure that the crystals are easily identifiable. Descriptions, which accompany each entry, provide information on their appearance, worldwide distribution, attributes, actions and healing properties. Both major and lesser-known stones currently available are covered, including those only recently discovered. A comprehensive index cross-referencing crystals to applications, aliments and conditions makes this book a vital reference for all crystal users.

The Crystal Bible Volume 1

The Crystal Bible Volume 1 Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781841814131
Year 2012-02-24
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

The Crystal Bible has become the world's favourite crystal reference guide, having sold over a million copies. The directory format enables you to find a known crystal instantly or to identify an unknown crystal. It covers the practical and esoteric properties of each stone, including spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical effects, plus its use in crystal healing. Encompassing traditional and contemporary crystal lore, this book draws on Judy Hall's 35 years of experience in this field. It is an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere.

Crystal Bible 2

Crystal Bible 2 Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781582977010
Year 2009-08-21
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher "F+W Media, Inc."

If you loved The Crystal Bible, you'll definitely love this new edition! With over 200 additional healing stones, you can further your learning of how crystals can be used to heal and their other valuable properties.

The Crystal Bible Volume 2

The Crystal Bible Volume 2 Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781841814599
Year 2015-02-02
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

The Crystal Bible Volume 2 provides an essential companion reference to the original bible, fully describing the properties of over 200 crystals not found in volume 1. Featuring new information on crystals for energy enhancement and healing grids, the historical use of crystals from biblical times to the present day and the latest updates on geological research, this comprehensive guide offers detailed analysis on the extensive range of new crystals on the market. This book also provides essential information on cleansing crystals, types of crystals and crystal shapes to give the reader extensive knowledge of their chosen stones.

The Crystal Healing Bible

The Crystal Healing Bible Author Sue Lilly
ISBN-10 0785828931
Year 2012-01-31
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Chartwell Books

The mineral kingdom and the crystals it contains are the foundation of all physical matter and of life itself. Crystals are the most orderly, most stable forms of matter in the entire universe. Their beauty, striking colors, and forms have always attracted attention, and yet their value goes far beyond surface appearance.Practice divination techniques that harness a million years of earth energy to reveal your lives, loves, and destiny. Discover how to use the incredible power of crystals to develop a deeper understanding of your abilities, your relationships and your future.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals

The Encyclopedia of Crystals Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 1610595580
Year 2007-04-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Fair Winds

The ultimate guide to crystals and how to use them! In The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Judy Hall draws on over 30 years' experience of working with crystals to provide the definitive reference. Lavishly illustrated, featuring newly discovered stones and providing new materials on geology and fluorescent properties, this is an essential addition to the libraries of everyone working with crystals. Organized by crystal color for easy reference, this gorgeous guide relates the colors of crystals to the chakras, tells readers how to cleanse and activate them, and provides helpful, authoritative advice on healing with crystals.

The New Crystal Bible

The New Crystal Bible Author Cassandra Eason
ISBN-10 1847325971
Year 2010
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Carlton Publishing Group

The New Crystal Bible is the definitive reference guide to using 500 crystals to heal your body, mind and spirit. It includes common, rare and newly discovered crystals, with each crystal illustrated by a beautiful photograph and a handy table telling you everything you need to know about using that crystal to improve your life. The book also includes an introduction to crystal lore, how to use crystals in all aspects of your life and how crystals can be used to predict the future.

The Complete Crystal Bible

The Complete Crystal Bible Author Cassandra Eason
ISBN-10 1780976291
Year 2015-02
Pages 416
Language en

Welcome the definitive guide to crystal healing—body, mind, and spirit! Internationally renowned crystal expert Cassandra Eason covers 500 common, rare, and newly discovered gems, each accompanied by a beautiful photograph and a table that reveals how it can improve your life. In addition, this must-have reference features an introduction to crystal lore and instructions for using crystals to predict the future.

The Crystal Zodiac

The Crystal Zodiac Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781841814797
Year 2017-07-03
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Birthstones have been used for millennia for luck, abundance, protection, and wisdom. Traditionally, crystals and gemstones were linked to specific astrological signs because their energies resonated. The discovery of new crystals has opened the way for a deeper connection between the earth and the sky. Each sign now has many crystals associated with it. This book describes the crystals linked to each sign and explains how they can be used to enhance self-understanding and personal growth. Crystals can be used to bring out a sign's potential, overcome challenges, and harmonize discords. They can be used for profound soul growth or for guidance on everyday decisions. Birthstones are gifts from the earth that bring healing and wisdom. For each astrological sign, there are past-life patterns to be dissolved and wisdom to be regained. The use of appropriate crystals facilitates this process. In addition to explaining the links between crystals and both sun and moon signs, The Crystal Zodiac explains the crystals associated with the planets and gives instructions for laying out and working with a crystal zodiac mandala.

The Crystal Experience

The Crystal Experience Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 0753728761
Year 2014-12-08
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Bounty Books

From bestselling international author Judy Hall comes a fascinating book that gives you a personalized, practical and direct experience of the thought-provoking wisdom that crystal exploration has conveyed to thousands throughout the world. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Crystal Experience is more like a personal tutor, leading you through the key ideas and concepts of using crystals via inspirational and holistic hands-on exercises and rituals. Interactive exercises help you to tailor the book to your needs Journaling sections allow you to write your own experiences directly into the book The step-by-step learning programme guides you to revision work and more advanced exercises An exclusive CD featuring meditations and inspirational music will bring you into a receptive state for deeper workPerfect for novice and practiced crystal users alike, this holistic, integrated and practical guide is your own personal crystal workshop in a book.

Crystal Prescriptions

Crystal Prescriptions Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781782797906
Year 2014-12-12
Pages 271
Language en
Publisher John Hunt Publishing

This third A–Z directory by the author of The Crystal Bibles explores the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and geopathic stress (GS) on health and well-being, and the dis-eases and healing crystals associated with them. Including 20 crystal portraits, the directory assists in identifying the right crystal for your needs whether it is for personal energetic support and healing for EMF and GS effects, or environmental protection against electromagnetic and geopathic stress. With practical applications, the directory also includes essential information on keeping your crystals working for you.

The Little Book of Crystals

The Little Book of Crystals Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 9781856753623
Year 2016-04-07
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

This enchanting little guide contains everything you need to enhance your life using crystals. Focusing on 15 key crystals, each recommended to complement a particular area of your life, Judy Hall provides essential information on how to choose, use, cleanse and programme your chosen stone. Whether it's Rose Quartz to improve your relationships, Goldstone to bring you wealth or Selenite to strengthen your spiritual practice, this crystal toolbox contains all you need to harness the power of crystals.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Author Judy Hall
ISBN-10 1841812609
Year 2010-09-20
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Godsfield

Judy Hall, author of the bestselling Crystal Bible, offers us a fresh way of looking at 12 master healing crystals in this key to opening your higher awareness. Crystal Healing looks at seven crystals attuned to the seven chakras (the body's energy centers) and five "master healer" stones that can be used singly or in combination to relieve stress, promote relaxation, balance the emotions, and invigorate body, mind and spirit. Clear color photographs, along with useful charts, diagrams and grids combine with complete instructions. Special features such as a chart on using crystals for specific ailments make this portable volume a terrific addition to your purse or bed table.

The Unknown Crystals

The Unknown Crystals Author Adam Monk-Daschke
ISBN-10 9781524683054
Year 2017-07-22
Pages 52
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

In this short story, Night the Owl finds himself in a different world with people who only believe in one god and the Holy Bible. Now Night the Owl needs to help save this world from the evil demons. The demons turn seven churches evil. God talks about the seven chosen ones to save the seven cursed churches. Night the Owl must make up his mind if he wants to help save this world or let it be destroyed by evil demons. Why did God choose Night the Owl and not Shadow the Owl? In the lost seven crystals, God chose the seven chosen ones. Also, if you enjoy this book, look for my other stories about the unknown crystals. All my stories are different but are all based around the unknown crystals. I’m working on new and fun adventures. Keep reading, and please share my stories.