Viva Vegan

Viva Vegan Author Terry Hope Romero
ISBN-10 1458759741
Year 2010-05-21
Pages 604
Language en

As coauthor of the phenomenally successful cookbooks Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Terry Hope Romero has long been one of the most popular vegan chefs around. Now, in her first solo cookbook, Romero opens the world of Latin flavor to vegans and foodies alike. Viva Vegan! expands the palates of anyone looking for a way to add fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic spice to their meals without relying on animal products. A proud Venezuelan-American, Romero's enthusiasm for her culture shines through every recipe. Viva Vegan! covers every aspect of Latin cooking across the Americas: refreshing bebidas (drinks), vibrant ensaladas, hearty empanadas, nourishing stews, and one-dish wonders. Learn the basics - how to make the perfect tamale, salsa to complement any dish, and beans from scratch - plus special treats like flan, churros, and more. Complete with gorgeous color photos, Viva Vegan! is the ultimate guide to authentic and inspired new Latin cuisine.

Vegan Eats World

Vegan Eats World Author Terry Romero
ISBN-10 9780738217444
Year 2014-04-08
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Da Capo Press

From the coauthor of the national bestseller "Veganomicon," here is a major new vegan bible on international cuisine.

There s a Vegan in the Kitchen

There s a Vegan in the Kitchen Author Leigh-Chantelle
ISBN-10 098084844X
Year 2014-07-12
Pages 104
Language en

There's a Vegan in the Kitchen: Viva la Vegan's Easy and Tasty Plant-Based Recipes is a new recipe book from Leigh-Chantelle, featuring 36 original vegan recipes that are all nutritionally balanced, healthful and easy to prepare. These are delicious alternatives for meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free eating, with a large amount of the recipes also wheat- and gluten-free. There's a Vegan in the Kitchen is a 100-page-plus recipe book and includes the history of Viva la Vegan! from the beginning when Leigh-Chantelle released three calendars to show people how to heal themselves with food, to the interactive online website today. As well as the 36 recipes, the book includes full-colour photographs and illustrations, inspiring quotes, food tips, ingredients, pantry and utensils list, along with information on the benefits of living vegan, from health, environmental and ethical perspectives.

The Vegan Guide to New York City

The Vegan Guide to New York City Author Rynn Berry
ISBN-10 0978813200
Year 2006-11-01
Pages 92
Language en
Publisher Ethical Living

The Vegan Guide to New York City--2007 is a comprehensive guide book to the restaurants and shopping resources of New York City. Now in its thirteenth edition, The Vegan Guide has been praised by the New York Times for being a portable conscience, and by the New York Daily News for being a very complete guide. Authored by Rynn Berry, the historical advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society, it is written with panache, wit, and style. This item is Returnable

Viva s Healthy Dining Guide

Viva s Healthy Dining Guide Author Lisa Margolin
ISBN-10 0970767803
Year 2002
Pages 351
Language en
Publisher Viva Center for Nutrition Llc

The ultimate guide for anyone interested in a heart healthy diet, optimum health, weight management, or simply healthful, delicious food ... with over 2,100 healthy restaurants and markets across the United States.


Veganomicon Author Isa Chandra Moskowitz
ISBN-10 9780738212401
Year 2007-12-10
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Vegan powerhouses Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero update their beloved cookbook with 25 new dishes, revisions throughout for more than 250 recipes, stunning color photos, and tips for making your kitchen a vegan paradise. Who knew vegetables could taste so good? Vegan powerhouses Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Romero bring a brand new edition of this beloved vegan cookbook to celebrate its 10th anniversary. You'll find 25 new dishes and updates throughout for more than 250 recipes (everything from basics to desserts), stunning color photos, and tips for making your kitchen a vegan paradise. All the recipes in Veganomicon have been thoroughly kitchen-tested to ensure user-friendliness and amazing results. Veganomicon also includes meals for all occasions and soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat options, plus quick recipes that make dinner a snap.

One Hundred and One Reasons why I m a Vegetarian

One Hundred and One Reasons why I m a Vegetarian Author Pamela Rice
ISBN-10 1590560752
Year 2005
Pages 253
Language en
Publisher Lantern Books

Most people have probably heard at least one reason-perhaps several-for adopting a vegetarian diet. 101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian is a veritable one-stop shop for ethical, ecological, health-related, social, and economic arguments that challenge conventional views about what humans should eat. After conducting years of research in industry periodicals, government documents, expert opinion, and the mainstream media, Pamela Rice, founder of the Vegetarian Center of New York City, has built the strongest support of vegetarianism to date. A work of prodigious scholarship and dedication, presented with wit and skill, 101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian is sure to become the handy reference work for vegetarians who want to give their meat-eating friends one book that explains why they do what they do, and for meat-eaters who want to understand all the arguments for a meatless diet. Book jacket.

Vive Le Vegan

Vive Le Vegan Author Dreena Burton
ISBN-10 1551521695
Year 2004
Pages 189
Language en
Publisher Arsenal Pulp PressLtd

A new collection of family-oriented, animal-free recipes from the author of The Everyday Vegan.

Vegan Ventures

Vegan Ventures Author Katrina Fox
ISBN-10 0987510908
Year 2015-09-18
Pages 258
Language en
Publisher O'Keefe & Fox Industries Pty Limited

Do you dream of starting a vegan business? Have you been running a vegan business and are looking for ways to grow it? This book is the ultimate guide on how to start and grow a business run on vegan principles. Written by award-winning journalist Katrina Fox, it features insights and advice from over 60 vegan business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing, PR and business growth professionals in the US, Canada, Australia and UK. Vegan Ventures provides you with a peek inside the operations of those who have been there, done it and are still doing it. Among the numerous nuggets of wisdom, you'll learn: How to figure out the purpose of your business and why it's so important How your mindset can sabotage your business success and what to do to ensure that doesn't happen How to get regular, positive media coverage for your products or services, no matter what your PR budget is Common branding mistakes and how to avoid them Social media 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' How much you should use the word 'vegan' in your branding or marketing Learn how to maximize your chances of success and avoid the pitfalls others have experienced in this practical and inspirational 'how to guide for aspiring and existing vegan business owners and entrepreneurs.